Magnetic Eyelash Tips & Tricks




1. Apply Magnetic Eyeliner as you would normally apply your liner. 

2. Wait about 2-3 minutes for Magnetic Liner to dry completely. 

3. Gently place the Magnetic Lashes on you Eyeliner. Lash will "Snap" to the Liner.  


    - Magnetic eyelashes can only be used after the eyeliner is completely dry.  

     If the eyelashes are not pasted firmly enough, you can draw the eyeliner thicker.

    - Always store the magnetic eyelashes in the case when not in use.

    - Gently handle them when applying or removing the magnetic eyelashes.

    - Remove magnetic lashes off before cleaning face or showering


    1. Gently pull Lashes off.

    2. Remove any remaining glue or makeup from magnets with any two phase make up remover. Do not wash lashes. Strip lashes can be damaged by being washed.

    3. Store for future use in carrying case.


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